Tuesday, February 21, 2017

That one time we almost got another puppy...

We got our dog, Reggie, about three and a half years ago as a cute little chubby puppy.  He is a pure bread black lab and we had no clue what we were getting ourselves in to.  At the time, I was about 4 months pregnant, neither one of us had ever owned a dog and we both worked full time jobs. The husband had always wanted a dog so when a friend on facebook posted that they had bred labs and puppies would be available it all seemed to fall in to place.

And then the puppy phase happened...crate training, getting up every 3 hours to train, teething, puppy biting, more training, losing that freedom you used to have.  In the throws of it, it was super crazy and a HUGE learning experience for both of us.  In the end, we have the best dog in the world and wouldn't trade any of it!  We love our dog and feel like he is such an easy dog that fits so perfectly into our little life.

The last couple of months we had started talking about the possibility of adding another dog to the family. For me, this meant a playmate for Reggie...this dog LOVES other dogs, so sometimes I feel bad he doesn't have a live in playmate.  This also meant a dog for Ellie (our three year old daughter) whom loves Reggie but they never really connected on the level he had with Joe and I.  To Reggie, Ellie is just this thing that came in to our lives and took our attention away from him...he likes her, he tolerates her, but he doesn't really pay much attention to her.  I started painting this perfect picture in my head of getting this new puppy that loved Ellie and they grow up together and play together and it would sleep in her room...and blah blah.

I started looking online for the perfect puppy...we like to get puppies so that we can train them from a young age and it is hard to find small puppies at the shelter.  We aren't against finding one there, but we want them to be a puppy!  I came across beagle puppies and for some reason it seemed like the best idea ever to get one.  It would be a mid-size dog, I don't have anything against beagles as a breed, it was very affordable (as opposed to some other dog breeds) and so we talked about it.  In true French fashion...we talked and we talked and we weighed pros and cons and we talked some more.  We went back and forth...was it the right time to get a puppy, is this the right dog for our family?????!!!!???

We drove to meet the puppies and picked one out and put a deposit down....and then we came home and the next day realized it just wasn't the right time for us.  We would rather be a little embarrassed to have to now go back and tell everyone we are NOT, in fact, getting a puppy then to live with something that doesn't feel completely right for our family.  It was such a hard decision for me and I cried and felt terrible and prayed they would find another home for that puppy...but in the end it was a huge relief to finally decide now was not the right time...and honestly, a beagle isn't the right dog for us either.  We LOVE labs! So when the time is right, we will most likely add another lab to the mix...but it probably won't be for while now.

Whew...long post about a simple story:  We almost got a puppy until we decided we shouldn't...anyone else ever make a decision and then have to go back on that because it just didn't feel right. It is a tough thing to do, but in the end, I a proud of us for doing what we feel was right for our family.

PS, if anyone is interested in the beagle puppies they still have two available and you can find them HERE

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

What's Hap-pinning Wednesday: Dressing Up

I am not even sure when this all began...sort of slowly, and it comes in spurts.  I am talking about dress up. My daughter LOVES to dress up.  You might just assume I mean in princess dresses and mommies high heeled shoes...and you would be right on some occasions.

Most occasions, however, I am talking she dresses up in an assortment of the most random attire.  For example...

My parents are in the process of moving and with that comes going through a TON of stuff and Ellie was collecting some of the random tid bits and putting them on. Why not?!?!?

Another example...

She collected every headband she could find in her bedroom and somehow got them all on her head...with a tutu...but then she spotted my hat and HAD to throw that on too.  She quickly realized it did not look cute with all of the headbands on under it so soon it was down to just the tutu and hat.  This kid has a serious sense of style, I am telling you!!!

And one more outfit to round out this fun little post comes to you with a little more cohesiveness...I give you, Firefighter Ellie:

And because she was getting sick of me taking pictures...

She is something else, let me tell you.  My husband and I are constantly discussing how our sweet little toddler has somehow turned into a "Threenager".  That is a post for another day though.

Hope your hump day was a great one!!

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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Disney on Ice

Dear Disney, 
You almost got us...we almost spent $1000 on your crazy food and gear at Disney on Ice, but we somehow escaped without much but a $7 popcorn and a very tired but happy little girl.  Thanks for a great time, but seriously...why so expensive!?!?!

We went to Disney on Ice a couple of weeks ago and I have to admit, I may have been more excited then Ellie was. I mean, she didn't really even know what the heck I was talking about until I showed her a video. I love Disney and the princesses and ice skating...so HELLO: Disney on Ice was going to be pure magic. Thankfully, we were not disappointed and Ellie LOVED it.(so did I...and Joe too, surprisingly)  These were the moments I dreamed of when I thought about being a mom and having a daughter so it was fun to actually live that moment.

 Obviously dressing up as her favorite character was a must for the evening. She had a tough time deciding, but ultimately went with Anna from Frozen.

Does it get any cuter!?!?!?  She was so excited to be dressed up. If I had some sort of adult size princess costume you know I would have dressed up...luckily for my husband, I did not.

We went to Columbus early and took Ellie to dinner at one of our favorite places downtown, Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace.

I don't eat meat so the fact that they offer veggie dogs and vegetarian "chili" sauce is so amazing!!!  Ellie got the vegetarian "Octodog"  which is a hotdog cut to resemble an octopus  with a side of mac n cheese.  It was cute, but the veggie dog is way better on a bun and covered with tons of toppings...alone it was not awesome!

After eating we realized we still had some time to kill before the big show so we parked close to the arena and walked over to The North Market and treated ourselves to some Jeni's Ice Cream...YUM!  If you haven't been to The North Market it is so worth checking out! (obviously, so is Jeni's Ice Cream!) 

After ice cream it was time to make our way to the show!  There is just a short walk form The North Market to the arena and because it was chilly outside little lady got a ride from daddy across the bridge and to the Disney princesses!

We had made sure to get pretty close seats so she could see and they ended up being perfect!  It was so fun to watch her take it all in and applaud after each performance.  She really loved the 7 dwarfs and Frozen.  Somehow she was so intrigued by the performance that she completely ignored all of the seriously over priced food and toys...thank goodness!!!!

I actually ended up bringing our own super cheap glow stick and that was good enough for her! 

We had such a good time and I would recommend this show to anyone with a little girl, or boy (although this particular one was princess heavy).  My only negative was the over priced crap but I guess the tickets weren't too expensive so they have to make more money somehow...

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday

I have been MIA again on this here blog so I figured I would just start with the first What's Up Wednesday of 2017. (linking up with Shay from one of my favorite blogs, and several of her friends) This makes it an easy transition in to letting you all know what we have been up to lately.

So let's get right to it:

1. What we're eating this week... 
   So I have really been trying to make things "from scratch" as much as possible to eliminate as much processed junk as we can.  I have never claimed to be excellent at cooking...the husband is a great cook...I am just average.  This "from scratch" business has proven to be somewhat of a challenge for me. I am more of a Sandra Lee semi homemade type of gal...meaning, I like to use some already made stuff and just throw in some chopped veggies and what not and call it good.  BUT...for the health of my family I have been trying. Some have been good, others not so much (I may or may not have mistakenly put 1 TBSP of salt in a recipe instead of the 1 TSP is actually called for...turns out that is a HUGE difference)  I am learning.  At any rate, here is one of the better things we have made and liked.

Million Dollar Spaghetti...this stuff was delicious!!! I made it with vegetarian meat crumbles, but it was sooooo good and I would recommend this for sure!

 Million-Dollar Spaghetti | halfbakedharvest.com @hbharvest
Picture and recipe from HERE

2. What I'm reminiscing about... 
Ellie turned 3 this month and with every single birthday I cannot believe how fast time has gone by so far.  I know everyone always tells you that, but it really is so true. "the days are long, but the years are short"...the most true thing of motherhood I have ever read. So this month I have found myself looking over pictures of Ellie from her first three years and not being able to believe how big she has gotten!!!

3. What I'm Loving...
I am loving this lip combo: Maybelline Color Jolt intense lip paint in 05 Stripped Down topped with NYX butter gloss in Creme Brulee. Together it is such a great neutral  for winter (and fall) With paler skin in the winter I like my neutrals to have a little more umph and this combination has just that.  Plenty of color, but nothing too crazy and the Maybelline lip paint stays on your lips for a good long while! 

4. What we've been up to...
Ellie's 3rd birthday party was an Under the Sea (mermaids) theme and she had so much fun.  I ordered the cutest mermaid skirt from Etsy (you can find HERE) and we made mermaid cupcakes and my  mom even made the cutest octopus out of a bell pepper. The best part for all of the kids was the bounce house. We had purchased this for Christmas but it is always WAY more fun when friends jump in it with her. 

5. What I'm Dreading...
Hmmm...I can't really think of anything right now that I am dreading...maybe more rainy, grey weather if that continues into next month.  That blah weather is the worst!!!!

6. What I am working on...
I am currently working on trying to get our bedroom and master bathroom finished.  They both need painted and we need curtains and a new quilt for our bed. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks we can cross those things off of our list.  I am also working on trying to get more organized and write more often on the blog...fingers crossed #ialwayssaythis

7. What I am excited about...
We are taking Ellie to Disney on Ice for the first time tomorrow night.  I just know she will love it and I am beyond excited to see her little face light up while watching this show. Stayed tuned for pictures because I know I will be taking an extreme amount of them!!! Also...I am excited for Scandal to start back up tomorrow!!!

8.What I am watching/reading... 
As mentioned above...Scandal. I basically binged watched the crap out of 5 seasons on Netflix recently and cannot wait for the new season to start tomorrow!!! We have also been loving "This is Us" along with everyone else in the world. We sort of came late in the game and had to watch the first 8-9 episodes online to catch up, but it so good!! 
As far as reading, currently I am reading this book. I love self help books and this one is really amazing and a totally different way of thinking then anything else I have ever read.  Worth checking out for sure!

9. What I am listening to...
I am so in love with the entire album from Johhnyswim. If you haven't heard of them, go check them out...so good.  Random fact: they sing the opening song for the show "Fixer Upper" and have appeared on that show I think a few times. 
As for the other songs...just a few we have had on repeat over here...and obviously I had to throw in a song for Ellie. She has recently discovered "The Wonder Pets" and LOVES this song so much (and the show too)

10. What I am wearing...
This question always makes me pause and then laugh a little. As far as clothes goes...well sweatshirts and yoga pants, sometimes jeans and tennis shoes/converse are basically this gals uniform on the daily.  I mean I won't bore you all with the exact sweatshirts I am currently sporting but just know they are comfortable!

11. What I am doing this weekend...
We will be celebrating my late great uncle KK's 100th birthday.  It was always his goal to make it to 100, which unfortunately he did not make, but we want to celebrate his memory anyways.  You can read all about just how special he was to our family HERE.  We are planning on visiting Lake Hope because that was a special place for him that holds many memories for my mom and her sister and brother.  I am sure the trip will be bittersweet but a happy one too!

12.  What I am looking forward to next month... 
Um, Valentine's Day...duh!  I love all things love and pink and red and hearts and....I could go on forever. I love romance and an entire day dedicated to expressing your love for everyone is just so much fun to me.  It will also be Ellie's first Valentine's Day party at a school, so that will be so fun as well. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Show & Tell Tuesday:My Quirks

I'm back!  Phew, it has been awhile....like almost half a year!!!  How is it possible that I have not written on here in 6 months...I really need to get my shizz together.  So much has happened in the last 6 months and I feel overwhelmed in trying to get you caught up on life.  
I figured I would just start with a good old fashion link up. And so today I am linking up with Andrea over at Momfessionals for this Show & Tell Tuesday.  The idea is that two Tuesdays a month they give you a prompt to write about that helps readers and friends get to know more about you...like a virtual show & tell.  
Today is all about my quirks, phobias, weirdness and things that make me "me".  These will be random, which should not be surprising AT ALL if you have ever read anything else I write, so here goes!!

Untreated wood. Now get your mind out of the gutter.   I am talking about popsicle sticks, wooden kitchen spoons, craft sticks, etc.  The texture, the smell, and don't even get me started about biting down on one!!!!  I have to put a paper towel around the stick just to hold the popsicle...if I am forced. Normally I steer clear of those things and buy ice cream or some sort of frozen treat that has NO WOODEN STICKS. I buy anything other then wooden kitchen utensils.  I don't know what it is but it makes my skin crawl and I shutter and cringe at the thought alone.  I can't be the only one, right!?!?!

Chalk.   I am not talking nails on a chalkboard...although I hate that too, because, well, who likes that?!?!  I am talking chalk on my hands...the dry dust, the texture, the sound...ugggg I am realizing I might be a little strange with these texture issues I seem to have.  But seriously, thank the good Lord for dry erase boards....am I right?!?!
 Enough weird phobias. Let's get to the stuff that makes me "me".

Being a mom and wife.  I know, cheesy...but it was the first thing that popped in to my head when thinking about what makes me "me".  I have never naturally gravitated towards a career or found a passion that means more to me then being a mom and wife.  I take that role seriously and love every single minute of it...even the crazy minutes.  Being a mom and wife has shaped me into the women I am today and I can't really list anything else without talking about my two special people. 

Writing. I love writing...like duh, right? I have a blog so this probably comes as no surprise, but I seriously LOVE writing...like, it completes me.  I read this quote recently in a book and it struck me in such a strong way that I was almost brought to tears because of how much I understood what they meant by the words.

I have always found comfort in keeping a journal.  In my most desperate and devastating times I have turned to writing as a form of therapy.  Sometimes I would just write and write until suddenly I understood what I was feeling and thinking. It's like writing about stuff clears my mind and allows me to un-shuffle my thoughts and suddenly they start making more sense.  I could never have a YouTube channel or be on TV because expressing myself verbally has never been easy. When I need to tell something important to someone I always write it down...that way, I know I am getting everything out that I want and in a way that makes the most sense.  
Enough about writing...I am sure you get it by now...I love writing.

I hate wearing socks to bed.  Maybe not that weird, but I hate doing this. I always read all of those stories of people putting cream on their heals and then socks and they wake up the next morning and their feet are sooooo soft...yeah not happening, no socks for me!!! 

I hate using a top sheet. I knew it was true love when I realized my husband hated top sheets too!  It feels so constricting and that sheet just gets all messed up under the blanket...just thinking about it makes me annoyed.  Anyone else hate top sheets?!?!?!

I love circus peanuts. Always have, always will. If you don't know what these are I am sad for you because they are delicious...although most people would tell you they are disgusting. Don't knock them until you try them...so good!!!

I cannot stand watching re-runs of tv shows. I don't know what it is...it just seems like a waste of time to me because I have already seen it. My husband could sit all day watching Seinfeld re-runs, but not me...it needs to be new or new-to-me! I am also not a huge movie person. I like going to the movies, but sitting at home watching movies is just not my thing.  

I usually have to be doing something else while watching TV.  Again, maybe it seems like a waste of time if I am just sitting there watching TV, but I always have to have something to work on whether it is sewing a hair bow or looking at a magazine...doesn't really matter, just something to make me feel like I am doing more then sitting there.  It is a problem...I have a hard time relaxing! This drives my husband nuts. 

I love coffee cold and espresso hot.  Not much to say here...I rarely drink these the opposite way...iced coffee every morning, hot espresso later in the day if I feel like it...but rarely is my coffee hot and my espresso cold.  I don't really know why. 

I have to shave my legs every single time I take a shower.  I HATE feeling that stubble...even in the dead of winter when no one is really going to see my legs, I just can't! 

I have a serious love affair with all things beauty.  Makeup, nail polish, makeup tutorial videos, ULTA...basically anything that relates to beauty.

I put butter on my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  I am not sure why other then my mom always did this and I think her mom did too...it just tastes better.  Try it.  I also love cottage cheese on my baked potatoes, SO GOOD....and if I eat pop tarts (which is super rare) they  have to be un-frosted and with butter on top...so healthy, but sooooo good!!

There ya go...random quirks and weirdish facts about me.  
You're welcome. 
And because I take a million pictures a day and I haven't updated you on daily life in 6 months..I will go ahead and end this post with some random pics from over the last few months. 


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

What's Up Wednesday: April 2016

Um...this month FLEW by. Like, how is it almost May...how is this year almost half over...where did spring even go...how is bathing suit season right around the corner?!?!? So many questions.
Rather then continue to ask questions I am linking up today for What's Up Wednesday to answer some questions instead. 

Every month we answer these same questions and it is kind of cool to see the different answers from others and look back on what you were doing each month too. Go check out ShayMel and Sheaffer to read other fun answers to these questions: 

What we are eating...

This  tuna noodle casserole from Skinnytaste blog. It looks delicious and it is lighter in calories than most tuna noodle casseroles so I'm hoping it is a hit with the family so we can add it to our dinner rotation.
A light, healthy version of a classic American dish.
The husband is also going to make his delicious fish tacos...SO GOOD, so I am super excited about that as well!

What I'm Reminiscing About...

Our wedding...as I mentioned in yesterdays post here, we celebrated 3 years of marriage and it was so fun to look through pictures and remember how great our wedding day was! 

What I'm Loving...

This drink...
 Bai, an antioxidant drink of some sort that promises to be good for you with only 5 calories and is sweetened with stevia...plus it is DELICIOUS.  Ok, to be fair I have only tried this panama peach flavor...but based off of how yummy this one was I am going to assume they are all amazing!  I am sure I am really late to the game on this drink, but whatever...I will now be adding this to my grocery list for sure.

What We Have Been Up To...

Pretty much enjoying the nice weather still, with some of this:

 And this...

And always this...

Obviously these sunglasses too...

And when the warm weather starts to get a little too hot...there is always coloring and princess dresses inside...duh!

All followed by this:

What I'm Dreading...

Shopping for a bathing suit...I mean does that even need to spoken? Do people like to bathing suit shop?!?! I am sure there are actually plenty of people that do and bless them for it...but I am not one of them.  Mostly because of two things: my boobs. I said it...they don't like to fit into much, especially bathing suits making it nearly impossible to be semi-modest at all at the pool. Is it too much to ask for a little support, a little coverage and a lot of cuteness...any suggestions on large busted swim wear, send them my way!!!!

What I'm Working On...

I found this  amazing office/guest room on pinterest and knew it was the perfect thing for us to do in our office.  Currently we both have desks in our third bedroom, along with other random things but I have always wanted to figure out how to incorporate a guest space in there as well. The room is not very big so when I saw this idea of  having a futon on one side and the desks on the other wall it was perfect! I have been slowly working on clearing out space and reorganizing to make it all fit.  
a family office and guest room in one, bedroom ideas, home office, organizing
a family office and guest room in one, bedroom ideas, home office, organizing
photo source here
Ps...I am also in such love with that giant US picture above the futon!!

What I'm Excited About...

So the husband and I recently completed the 21 Day Fix and have now decided it's time to tackle the new Beach Body system: 22 Minute Hard Corp.  We have really enjoyed doing these workouts together at home and it is super cute to get Ellie involved. She has tiny little weights that she will carry around now and says "I workout!" whenever she knows we are getting ready to start one. It makes me feel so good and proud to have her aware of exercise...even if we are still in the beginning stages of getting more fit. 

What I'm Watching/Reading...

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix...so funny! We watched the entire first season, and the second season recently came out so we have just started into that too. 

I tried to listen to this book on Audible...but found it soooo disturbing and dark that I had to make myself stop about half way thru. It was seriously consuming me and making me feel so icky...I really wanted to find out what happened next but it was just so disturbing I had to stop. Anyone else read this book and feel this way. I just feel like I need positive, fun things in my life and this was not it for me!

What I'm Listening To...

Besides Audible books...I am loving Pandora One: "Mickey Mouse Club House" is a favorite in our house as well as "60's, 70's and 80's Hit Radio" and "Tom Petty Radio".

What I'm Wearing...

Still rocking yoga/workout pants. My favorite are these from Kohl's.  They are a little thicker then most and have a "shapewear" band at the belly that helps to hold you  in all the right places.  They are also not super low rise, so I can sit on the ground with Ellie and not worry about exposing crack to anyone and everyone behind me!

What I'm Doing This Weekend...

Prom makeup for my cousin.  I LOVE doing makeup for anyone, but prom is always especially fun because I get to be a little more creative then the every day application.  It helps when your client is cute too!!  

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month...

Hopefully continuing to work out and see results so that whatever swimsuit I decide to purchase, after hours of deliberation, will look good on me...or I will at least feel comfortable.  I am also looking forward to the Crawl for Cancer next month.  Some of my cousins and friends...and the husband...all pick a theme and dress up and go out and have a good time raising money for cancer research and enjoying everyone's company.  Last year we did NWO and it was hysterical...not sure we can out do that one, but we will always try.
It is usually a pretty fun time and I love getting out and seeing so many people! 

What Else is New...

After over a month with cold like/allergy symptoms I finally went to the doctor and come to find out I had a sinus infection so bad I am now on antibiotics for 3 weeks...hopefully this gets rid of my puffy eyes and sad sad sinuses.  Probably shouldn't have waited so long to go to the doc!!! Anyone else have allergies or sinus issues...THE WORST!!!!  

Hope everyone has a great rest of your week!!